Sure Cuts A Lot vs. Make The Cut

Lori asked the difference between Sure Cuts A Lot vs. Make The Cut.  To be quite honest, I'm not sure as I don't have Sure Cuts A Lot and haven't worked with it.  I've had Make The Cut for almost a year and find it very easy to design in.  Additionally, it seems like it is updated quite frequently and so far, there hasn't been a charge for the updates.  I LOVE the "Join" feature.  Its similar to "Welding" in Cricut Design Studio.  However, the project I was working on was a banner.  I used circles to create the scallops around the edges and welded them.  I needed holes in the top to run the ribbons through.  The "Join" feature allowed me to basically attach the circles to my other shapes so I could copy the whole mess and not have to move it piece-meal and make sure I got them in the right spot.  Wish I would have taken pictures of the Halloween Banner before I gave it to my mother.  But, I didn't and her darling dogs decided to eat two of the letters!  I have some other projects in the works and plan to do a much better job with the blog in 2011!


  1. Hi, Jackie! I'll have to check out the software... I can't believe the dogs ate part of the banner! On the Diamond Glaze: I didn't do anything to the paper (and it is inkjet), however, I did see that there is a product that can be put on top of an image that keeps it from bleeding before the Diamond Glaze is put on. I just decided to take my chances and it worked!


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