Blog Candy Winners!

Sorry, I'm late in getting this post up.  I do want to congratulate the blog candy winners from Jenn's Birthday Blog Hop. 

Someone also asked if they could "scraplift" one of my projects.  Please, feel free to scraplift away!  I'm very flattered and honored at the thought of someone wanting to scraplift.

Melissa - Very nice project, great job! My best birthday gift had to be getting my new cartridges I wanted last year!

Jill/TheScrapoholic - This is so gorgeous! I remember going to someone b-day party and there were a bunch of games and one was bobbin for apples and I lost one of my top tooth while bobbin but got the apple while loosing the tooth!

And, I added one more, just because it was so sweet I teared up when I read it!

Christine - Wow! I would love to make these flowers for my scrapbook room but don't know if I am talented enough to do it! Just beautiful. Ok here is another "favorite birthday story" when my son Brian was in kindergarden, my 30th birhday was fast approaching and he asked me about birthday parties I had as a little girl. I told him I had never had a birthday party because I was from a family of 14 children so we just got a cake after dinner on our birthdays and that was it. This really seemed to upset Brian...on the day of my birthday, Brian walked into the house with 5 of his little boy friends, they were all yelling surprise! surprise! Brian had a surprise party for me! I broke out the cake & ice-cream that my husband had bought the night before and I recieved clumsly wrapped gifts of toy cars, trucks & sea shells (we live near the beach) we played games and it was indeed the best birthday party I have ever had!


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