30 Days of Gifts

Welcome to Day 7 of Jill The Scrapoholic's 30 Days of Gifts. 

Let me tell you, we had a wild weekend here in Oklahoma.  I got home from work Friday night and made a beeline for the bathroom to change into comfy clothes.  Well, the cat was in the bathroom with what I thought was a cricket.  It turned out to be a copperhead snake.  We've had snakes in the house before, but never poisonous ones.  Saturday after work, I was watching college football when shortly after the games we had a HUGE earthquake. Okay, for some of you a 5.6 magnitude earthquake doesn't sound HUGE, but for an Okie like me that's more accustomed to tornadoes, it was HUGE!  We've apparently had several aftershocks Sunday that were 4.0 magnitude or less.  If you're interested in earthquakes, check out USGS.  There's a really cool realtime map that shows earthquakes and gives information about them.  Let me just say now, I'm very thankful I don't live in California after studying that map.  Luckily, our house wasn't damaged and everyone's fine.  I'm not sure if my heart can take much more excitement.

Enough of my excitement and on to my project.  I made an alcohol ink-dyed candle.  From start to finish it took 10 minutes or less. If you don't count shopping.

3 X 6 pillar candle (I used an ivory colored vanilla scented one)
Tim Holtz Adirondak Brights alcohol Inks (I used the citrus)
Recollections Bling On A Roll
Strathmore Paper Palette (you can probably use wax paper instead, but I'd probably use a double layer so the ink doesn't bleed through)
Disposable gloves would also be a good idea if you want to keep the ink off your hands

1)  Put droplets of your chosen alcohol ink on the paper palette.  (I forgot to take a picture of this step.)

2)  Roll your candle through the alcohol ink.  You can add more alcohol ink to the paper palette and roll the candle until it looks the way you want it to.  Make sure you let it dry between layers.

3)  If you want to add more ink, drop it directly on the candle and roll on the paper palette to spread it out on the candle.

4)  You can also put drops of alcohol ink on the candle and just let it run until it dries.  (I didn't do this to mine.)

5)  Add Bling On A Roll or other embellishments as you wish.

You're finished and have a gift out of the way!


  1. I just love this! I would have never thought about alcohol inks on candles! Good thing I still have some left to try this :)
    What a crazy weekend you had! I hope to never walk in my home and find any snake never mind a copperhead.Now, you can cross off earthquake off your list of firsts! Your 1st is the scariest and with each one it gets easier and eventually you get use to them.
    TFS! and being part of the hop!


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