A Birthday Bouquet

Okay, I was only going to do one project for Jenn's Blog Hop because those banners take for-stinkin-ever for me to get them just they way I like 'em.  However, I found some hydrangeas I had started on last week and decided I'd get them finished up for a "birthday bouquet" of sorts.
They were really fun to make.  AND  I got to use one of my favorite vases!  The vase is crystal and was given to my husband and I as a wedding gift. 

The hydrangeas themselves started as cut files from Penny Duncan Creations.  She has created cut files and YouTube videos with complete instructions for making these beautiful flowers.  Of course, I tweaked her instructions just a little for these.  I enlarged the files and used 2 inch Styrofoam balls cut in half.  I used the pink skittles in the centers.  You can tell on the dark pink one the glue isn't quite dry.  I tried using a glue gun to glue down the skittles, but it kept melting the glue on the back of the florets and everything would come unstuck.  I was too impatient to wait for the glue gun to heat up on the cool setting, which probably would have alleviated everything coming unstuck!  I did ink the edges of the florets with chalk ink, and used a stylus made for working with polymer clay to shape the petals and leaves.  I also added some stickles to the backs of some of the petals on the two really pale pink flowers.  I'll probably add stickles to the darker pink one before I decide I'm totally finished with it.  I had a grand plan to put these in a cute little window box-type container.  However, I didn't have any floral foam, and since I've been at Michael's twice today, I thought it was probably a good idea to come up with an alternative plan!

I'm seeing myself making these for Mother's Day.  A bouquet that doesn't wilt and have to be thrown away! 

To be eligible for blog candy, please leave a comment and tell me which birthday was your favorite and why.  One of my favorite birthday I was about 10 years old.  My birthday actually fell on Easter that year, which I thought was very cool.  My Granny Rowe made me an Easter Bunny cake totally from scratch.  It was sooo cute!  I think I had her make it a couple of times after that for my birthday as well.  My other favorite birthday was the 16th.  My dad and I were up getting ready to go take the big driving test.  My brother's Dad, my Favorite Uncle!, called to tell me I had a new baby girl cousin to share a birthday with!  I sent her a message on our shared day and told her she was my best birthday gift ever!

You should have come to see me from Jill.  If not, head back to her blog and check out her project.  After me, hop on over to see Shelley.  Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday.


  1. Your flowers are just lovely!

    My favorite birthday would have to be when I turned 10, and my parents had the entire camp fire girls club out to a horse riding ranch where we spent the day horseback riding.

    I am now a follower of your blog. So very nice to meet you. Stop by my blog sometime soon and give me a shout out!


  2. Wow! I would love to make these flowers for my scrapbook room but don't know if I am talented enough to do it! Just beautiful. Ok here is another "favorite birthday story" when my son Brian was in kindergarden, my 30th birhday was fast approaching and he asked me about birthday parties I had as a little girl. I told him I had never had a birthday party because I was from a family of 14 children so we just got a cake after dinner on our birthdays and that was it. This really seemed to upset Brian...on the day of my birthday, Brian walked into the house with 5 of his little boy friends, they were all yelling surprise! surprise! Brian had a surprise party for me! I broke out the cake & ice-cream that my husband had bought the night before and I recieved clumsly wrapped gifts of toy cars, trucks & sea shells (we live near the beach) we played games and it was indeed the best birthday party I have ever had!

  3. Beutiful flowers. Just wonderful. I am not sure which of my 55 birthdays were my fave so I'm just going to pick last year.
    annadowdy at gmail dot com

  4. these flowers are beautiful. my favortite b-day was when i turned 30. many friends made it happen and we closed the local 'hotel' up and had a secret party afterwards. they even let me throw my champaigne glass in the stone fireplace. oh what a night! that was 30 yrs ago.

  5. Oh, these are so pretty!!!! My favorite birthday was my 40th when I got my favorite dinner cooked by my Mom, my favorite cake brought by my Aunt and I got my Cricut :) Thanks for sharing this great project.

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B
    Suenj99 at yahoo dot com

  6. your flowers are great. I am in love with the butterfly card.
    My best birthday party was when I was 16. It was a sweet 16 and my parents envited all of my friends over. We played games and danced until midnight when my parents took everybody home as they had promised everyones parents except for my best friend that stayed over.

  7. WoW1 This is just simply Marvelous! Way better than real flowers cause you can keep them forever! TFS!

  8. I loved all my birthdays but my fav was my 3rd grade when I got the Barbie cake............L
    Love reading the stories. Your flowers are awesome. Penny is such a sweetheart and has such amazing files
    krazykcrafters at msn dot com

  9. WOW!!! Your flowers are Amazing!!! They really do look real. I already told you my favorite birthday on another comment. So let me try to think of another favorite birthday?????????? No,Can't say that I ever remember having another one. I did get my first Birthday Cake when I was 17. :0)
    cindymarshall63@hotmail dot com


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